Introducing Crew25  

Crew25 is a junior rally championship based on the principle of “for young people by young people” and as such allows us to offer a welcoming environment which is easily accessible for all.

The key element of this championship, however, is that both crew members are 25 and under, but a separate class structure is available for under 25 Drivers with codrivers over 25.


The aim of Crew25 is to allows the championship to focus on developing new blood and encourage drivers and codrivers to advance their skills together.

Crew25 is open to competitors in 2wd cars upto 1810cc engine size. classes 1 to 4 will be for those with standard spec rally cars with class 5 being an open class for those with more modified rally cars.

We've set the championship up so that it rewards consistence over spec of car, meaning it doesn't matter which class you're in you'll be in with a chance to win the overall title.

The championship will utilise a range of events thus allowing competitors the chance to gain experience on a range of surfaces and a mix of event styles.

Further to this the events spread throughout the country as such competitors will get to experience some of the best rounds in the British rallying calendar this year.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first round of the 2021 Season.

If your looking for more information on Crew25 drop 

Tiegen an email: 


*Photos supplied by M & H Photography 

** Photos are to show what type of cars can enter Crew25.