New for the 2021 Season, the Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club Ltd are pleased to launch a new initiative aimed at encouraging a new generation of competitors into the sport. By keeping the championship low in cost, with a simple class structure and incentives to be won throughout the year, the club is hoping to provide a new entry level platform for youngsters to compete on.


Headed by Tiegen Lillicrap, this championship is based on the principle of “for young people by young people” and as such allows us to offer a welcoming environment which is easily accessible for all.


The key element of this championship, however, is that both crew members are 25 and under, but a separate class structure is available for Drivers only. This allows the championship to focus on developing new blood and encourage drivers and codrivers to advance their skills together.


The championship will utilize a range of events thus allowing competitors the chance to gain experience on a range of surfaces and a mix of event styles. Further to this the events spread throughout the country as such competitors will get to experience some of the best rounds in the British rallying calendar this year.


Registered competitors must nominate the class for which they aim to score points from on the registration form as this information will be used to work out points after the event.

Points will be awarded to registered contenders in their class positions relative to other registered contenders:

1st 15 Points

2nd 12 Points

3rd 10 Points

4th 8 Points

5th 6 Points

6th 4 Points


Then 2 points for each of the crews following. 1 point shall be awarded for crews that start SS1 but do not complete the rest of the event.


The best 5 out of the 6 rounds will count and score. This allows all competitors to have one of the seven rounds as a dropped event.


In the event of a championship round being cancelled the number of scores to count will be reduced as such. Details will be released via a bulletin.


For any Championship round which must reduce scheduled mileage due to unforeseen circumstances, full points will be awarded if 51% of the stage mileage is run, half points for 25% to 50%, and quarter points if under 25% is run.


In the case of a tie, for the purposes of determining the winner of a class or overall championship title, the rule for deciding the winner will be as follows:


The highest points scored on first registered event. If no difference, then it rolls to the next event and so on until a difference is found. If there is no difference, then a tie is declared.